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Lead your business into disruptive new financial and operational models with this forward-thinking guide to ERP optimization.
The Futurist CFO’s Guide to Business Model Innovation, financial model, operating model, ERP transformation
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The futurist CFO’s guide to business model innovation

The Futurist CFO’s Guide to Business Model Innovation

Explore the services-based financial and operating ­models that are changing business as we know it. This guide maps the steps that CFOs and senior business leaders can take to realize new project-based and service-based revenue streams.

Reimagine your business model and rapidly transform operations to support it. Download the e-book to learn how these five strategies can help you market, sell, and distribute any product as a service:

  1. Create a change catalyst.
  2. Activate customer insights.
  3. Innovate financial models.
  4. Transform operational processes.
  5. Align operational structures.

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