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Read the Digital Transformation Playbook for guidance through an approach that’ll make your digital transformation easier to manage.

Digital Transformation Playbook: Four Elements to a Successful Strategy

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Read this playbook for guidance through the four steps of the IDEA approach that Microsoft has developed. You’ll get templates, suggested activities, and recommendations on who should be involved as you:

  • Inspire. Bring your team together to envision the future of your business. Develop your strategy, business model, and operating model—the framework for your digital transformation.

  • Design. Build a compelling case for the change that you want to make. Create a quantitative view of your approach and your technology solution by completing two important assessments.

  • Empower. Share your vision throughout your organization. Demonstrate your solution to build excitement and get stakeholders and influencers on board.

  • Achieve. Execute your vision for the digital transformation. Produce a blueprint or transformation plan that maps out the steps of completing the project.

Read the playbook to get clear guidance through every step.
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