Why are Australian organisation transforming for digital?

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Why are Australian organisation transforming for digital?

Embracing digital transformation

Lessons from 30 Australian Leaders

Digital transformation is at the top of the agenda for organisations around the world. But what is it, how should you be approaching it and what are some of the opportunities and challenges?

We asked 30 leaders at Australian organisations these very questions to produce this compelling new study Embracing digital transformation: Experiences from Australian organisations.

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  • Why organisations that transform for digital realise a huge competitive edge and endless possibilities for increasing productivity and profitability.
  • How Commonwealth Bank, Aussie, Cricket Australia, Deakin University, Webjet, Domino’s and Macquarie Group are approaching digital transformation.
  • Why leadership, a clear vision, fostering a digital mindset and access to talent are critical to the success or failure of transformation.
  • How to get ahead in engaging your customers, empowering employees, optimising your operations and re-inventing your products and services.