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Simplify users’ access to all their applications with Azure Active Directory

Empower your workforce while ensuring secure access with Azure ActiveDirectory  
Watch this webinar to understand how Azure AD addresses user experience, and ensures your IT teams have the right tools to protect your entire digital estate. With features like single sign-on, simple tools for self-service management, and comprehensive security features, Azure ADcreates a high-value, streamlined experience attuned to each user’s specific role and identity.  
In this webinar we will:

  • Discuss the challenges Security and IT leaders are having today related to secure access and seamless user experiences. 
  • Review the benefits Azure AD can bring to your organization as acomprehensive identity and access management solution. 
  • Take a deep dive into the breadth of Azure AD end-user experiences.   
  • Highlight how Azure AD promotes productive and secure work through thousands of application integrations, including our partner ServiceNow. 

Please note: This webcast will be in English only, with closed captioning.

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