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Increase productivity and reduce costs by migrating all your apps to Azure AD

The value of a single identity solution can be critical in securing and centralizing your identity and app management efforts. By migrating you app authentication to Azure Active Directory, your IT team gains peace of mind knowing that all applications are accessible and manageable from a single, secure solution.  
In this webinar we’ll show you how to secure and manage all your apps under a single identity solution with Azure AD to reduce your on-premises footprint and increase security while improving productivity. You’ll learn about the benefits of Azure AD, including:

  • Improved security and streamlined compliance by managing security entirely from a single solution.  
  • Reduction of extraneous costs as you eliminate legacy and on-premises infrastructures.  
  • Greater productivity by integrating passwordless authentication, and single sign-on, access to the application portal, and user self-service.

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