Responsible AI at Microsoft: A Practical Approach

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Responsible AI at Microsoft: A Practical Approach

Tuesday, June 21, 2022 9:00AM – 10:15AM Pacific Time

Explore the Microsoft Responsible AI Standard, our framework for responsible AI by design—and gain insight into how to implement responsible AI in your organization. Join Microsoft AI experts for a free digital event to learn about the policies, practices, and tools we use to develop AI responsibly.

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  • How Microsoft is working to uphold our AI principles in ways that benefit everyone and warrant people’s trust.
  • About the Microsoft approach to responsible AI by design—the proactive ways in which we guide the design, building, and testing of AI systems.
  • Why it’s important to systematically assess the impact of an AI system and what accountability looks like in practice.
  • How communication to stakeholders takes shape in the form of Transparency Notes.
  • Why research, engineering, and policy are all critical to building and deploying scalable, responsible AI systems.