Azure webinar series
Innovate Securely with Azure

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Azure webinar series
Innovate Securely with Azure

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In this webinar you will learn how Azure can help you protect your entire IT environment, so your organization can operate, innovate, and scale securely. From identity and access management to apps and data security, security management and threat protection, and network security, we’ve got you covered. With Azure’s built-in, modern, and holistic security capabilities, your team is empowered with security and efficiency, from development to security response.  

You’ll learn how to: 

  • Help protect your organization while enabling cost savings and increased team productivity with Azure security. 
  • Get key action items to strengthen your organizations’ security posture with Azure today.
  • Enable an identity-based security approach with Azure identity and access management solutions.
  • Stay ahead of attackers by leveraging unmatched threat intelligence insights and protection with Microsoft Defender for Cloud and Microsoft Sentinel. 
  • Protect data-in-use with the latest innovations in confidential computing.
  • Embrace a zero-trust approach with network security.