Azure webinar series
Implement FinOps for Azure

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Azure webinar series
Implement FinOps for Azure

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While you may understand the financial and technical considerations for cloud migration, it is also critical to find effective solutions to manage and optimize your cloud spend once you are in the cloud.

Watch this webinar to learn about FinOps principles as well as the Microsoft Azure solutions, offers and tools that can help you manage your cloud environment in a financially effective way.

You will learn about:

  • Cloud economics refresh, including core benefits of cloud migration and key elements of building a business case.
  • FinOps overview, including FinOps operating model, common tools, FinOps vs. DevOps, FinOps management process, etc.
  • How Microsoft Azure can help optimize your FinOps practice, including key principles, tools, and billing constructs to help manage your cost.
  • Customer experiences and best practices of optimizing FinOps with Azure.