Respond to security threats with a modern desktop


How to respond to evolving security threats with a modern desktop

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See how the security capabilities of a modern desktop detect, protect, and respond to threats.

Help your company keep pace with today's most sophisticated cyber threats. Join Jeremy Chapman (Director, Microsoft 365) and Heike Ritter (Senior Product Manager, Windows Security, Microsoft 365) in this webcast as they showcase key security capabilities of a modern desktop.

In a live demo, you’ll see Microsoft Threat Protection contain an email phishing attack, quickly determine the scope of the breach, identify the impacted end points, and automatically remediate. Also get a firsthand look at further protections like:

  • Biometric login and multi-factor authentication.
  • Conditional access to seamlessly adjust credential requirements without impacting user productivity.
  • Zero-hour auto purge to scan and remove weaponized emails, even after delivery.
  • Integrated incident tracking to empower rapid containment and remediation.

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