Azure webinar series
Unleash The Power of APIs: Strategies for Innovation

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Azure webinar series
Unleash The Power of APIs: Strategies for Innovation

Wednesday, April 26, 2023 10:00 AM–11:30 AM Pacific Time

Modern businesses increasingly rely on technology to drive growth and deliver innovative experiences to their customers. APIs are the building blocks to power these connected digital experiences. Effective API management is critical to accelerate time-to-market and deliver compelling customer and partner interactions.

Join this virtual event and get insights from analysts, Azure leaders, and our customers about how API management accelerates innovation, drives efficiency, and scales operations across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Register now for this 90-minute webinar with sessions covering:

  • Market trends and analyst insights: IDC Automation Research Director, Shari Lava, joins Azure leaders to share insights on how API management drives competitive innovation.
  • Bupa, a global health services enterprise, talks with Microsoft Vice President Ali Powell, to share how Azure API management has become an essential component of Bupa’s integration fabric, enabling them to deliver next-generation customer and partner experiences.
  • Security and compliance advantages: Learn how Azure API management can help fortify security and compliance posture while also addressing scalability challenges.
  • Optimal Blue, a leading mortgage provider platform in the U.S. explains how their API-first strategy on Azure has helped them achieve faster time-to-market, bringing real value to financial institutions offering mortgage products.
  • Line of business innovation: Discover how enterprises can empower both internal and citizen developers to create innovative apps and simplify integration using Azure API management.
Join the live event to ask questions and get expert guidance on how API management can maximize your investments and accelerate your app innovation programs.