Ultimate Guide to Windows Server 2019 eBook

The Ultimate Guide to Windows Server 2019

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The Ultimate Guide to Windows Server 2019

Take full advantage of your on-premises investments with Windows Server 2019. Learn how to extend your on-premises environments to the cloud with Windows Server 2019’s advanced hybrid capabilities. And, learn how to add additional security layers and update your applications and infrastructure when you connect to the cloud.


Read this eBook to learn how to:

  • Update your on-premises server and storage infrastructure with the most current operating system for security and best price for performance.
  • Enable the creation of cloud-native apps and update traditional apps with containers and microservices.
  • Manage servers, clusters and hyperconverged infrastructure with Windows Admin Centre, a free, new browser-based app.
  • Extend on-premises servers to Azure for services including backup, disaster recover and on-demand compute and storage resources.

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