Trusted Advisor Playbook for Cloud Solution Providers
Learn how to expand your solutions to meet customer expectations and grow your revenue potential with the Trusted Advisor playbook for Cloud Solution Providers.
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Enhance your client relationships with the Trusted Advisor Playbook

Today’s customers want more than just a technology vendor. They’re searching for long-term partners who can help them navigate the emerging AI landscape, keep their businesses secure, and deliver end-to-end solutions that evolve with their needs. Cloud Solution Provider partners who provide this deeper level of engagement are known as trusted advisors.

Along with growing your customers’ businesses, becoming a trusted advisor can expand your own revenue. In fact, 80% of CSP partners derive 25% of their revenue from value-added services and support.1

We developed the Trusted Advisor Playbook to demonstrate how to expand your offerings and shift from transacting licenses to serving as a trusted advisor. Inside, we outline tangible actions you can take, such as using Microsoft technology to expand your service offerings and develop more effective sales strategies.

Here are a few objectives the playbook covers:

  • Understand how AI can transform the way your customers do business, no matter the industry.
  • Optimize your service revenue potential by earning specializations in key solution areas.
  • Leverage a suite of helpful resources to drive greater customer opportunities, including demand generation materials, case studies, guides, and other assets.
  • Deliver outstanding customer support by training in security solutions and best practices.

Download the Trusted Advisor Playbook and start implementing these effective strategies today.

1. Microsoft Research + Insights “CSP Playbook”. December 2023.


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