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Please join this on-demand webinar to learn to learn how to better understand the growth opportunities of subscription models.
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How to Thrive in a Subscription Economy with Dynamics 365 Finance

Subscription models deliver convenience and personalization, as well as linking value propositions and pricing to customer usage and outcomes. By focusing on how your customers use your products and responding to that through your updates, releases, value-based pricing, and support, businesses create predictable recurring revenue, ongoing value, and better customer relationships. With constantly changing consumer needs and expectations, there’s an increase in demand for hassle-free experiences.

Join Lak Chahal, President and CEO of Binary Stream Software and Microsoft leaders for this webinar where CFOs and financial leaders can understand the shift in mentality within consumers and organizations going from ownership to access because of the continued momentum of the subscription-based economy.

You’ll learn:

  • How to better understand the growth opportunities of subscription models
  • How customers are modernizing their financial operations, preventing revenue leakage, and providing access to new business models
  • How to take advantage of subscription billing in Dynamics 365 Finance to enable complex billing and pricing scenarios, gain actionable insights, and automate reporting for recurring revenue streams


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