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Discover a hybrid infrastructure solution to run business-critical workloads anywhere, stay ahead of security threats, and help keep your data secure.
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The Ultimate Guide to Windows Server 2022

Manage your unwieldly hybrid infrastructure and run business-critical workloads in your datacenter, in the cloud, and at the edge with Windows Server 2022.

Read The Ultimate Guide to Windows Server 2022 to learn how to:

  • Elevate the security of your organization with advanced, multilayered security that’s built right in.
  • Activate powerful threat protection, tighter cloud computing security, and operational simplicity with enhanced security features.
  • Gain greater IT efficiency and extend your datacenter with the hybrid capabilities of Azure.
  • Improve business agility with cloud innovation for your on-premises investments.
  • Empower developers and IT pros to build and deploy diverse applications with a flexible application platform.


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