The Defender’s Watch – Episode 2 | Microsoft
Host Rob Lefferts speaks with other experts from Microsoft about tools and strategies to address advanced identity-based threats.
The Defender’s Watch: Defending Identities Systems with ITDR, Identity threat detection and response, ITDR, Identity Security
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The Defender’s Watch – Episode 2: Defending Identity Systems with ITDR

With more than 60 percent of breaches involving compromised credentials, defending identity systems has become critical in today’s threat landscape. Join host Rob Lefferts as he speaks with experts in identity security at Microsoft about how identity attacks are evolving and how you can be better prepared with solutions like identity threat detection and response (ITDR). 

In this episode, you’ll learn about: 

  • How ITDR solutions can complement extended detection and response (XDR) solutions. 
  • Insights from the front lines on how tools and processes are changing to meet increasingly advanced identity-based threats. 
  • How the evolving identity threat landscape has influenced the way Microsoft builds security products. 

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