The Defender’s Watch – Episode 1 | Microsoft
Host Rob Lefferts speaks with special guests about threat intelligence, ransomware, and the Microsoft Digital Defense Report.
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The Defender’s Watch – Episode 1: The Watch Begins

Welcome to The Defender’s Watch, where we’ll offer a look under the hood of how we’re building our security tools, share new capabilities across our threat protection portfolio, and sit down with special guests to dive into pressing and interesting topics for all the defenders working on their organizations’ front lines.

In this first episode, we’ll cover:

  • Key insights from this year’s Microsoft Digital Defense Report, offering an evidence-backed window into the state of cybersecurity.
  • What we’re taking away from a particularly impactful year in the world of cybersecurity, with evolving threats related to ransomware, IoT, and more.
  • How the research from the thousands of security experts, practitioners, and defenders at Microsoft influences the way we build products.


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