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SQL Server e-book series—technical deep dives for your database journey

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Get the technical resources, documentation, and code samples you need to support all areas of your data estate—from discovery and research to implementation and maintenance. With SQL Server 2017, you’ll gain the flexibility to deploy the industry-leading performance and security of SQL Server to your favorite platform. Provide your information once to access the entire SQL Server technical e-book series, including:

  • Book 1—SQL Server Performance: faster querying with SQL Server

Learn about speed, scalability, and other built-in SQL Server features that deliver faster processing capabilities. Explore in-memory online transaction processing (OLTP), a memory-optimized database engine integrated into the SQL Server engine that can significantly improve application performance. Other topics include: columnstore indexes, lightning-fast analytics, and automatic tuning features like adaptive query processing.

  • Book 2—Drive business continuity with SQL Server

Explore high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) strategies to maintain business continuity and minimize unplanned downtime and data outages. Walk through the two most common continuity solutions: mirroring—at the database level—and clustering—at the server level. Discover the rich SQL Server feature set of availability groups, failover cluster instances, and log shipping capabilities. Find out how instances of SQL Server can be made highly available on both Windows and Linux using the same features.

  • Book 3—SQL Server on Linux: A guide to re-platforming and modernizing your data workloads

Get the definitive guide on re-platforming for heterogeneous environments—combining operational databases, data warehouse, and various data sources to drive insights. Familiarize yourself with cross-platform and migration tools along with use-case demos of the cutting-edge technologies and enterprise-grade features now available in open-source and mixed-shop (Linux + Windows) environments. Topics include: columnstore indexes, in-memory technologies, high availability, graph data extensions, Adaptive Query Plan, and enhanced security features.

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