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Join this webinar to learn about smart supply chain platform strategies to help create a resilient supply chain with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management.
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A Smart Approach to Supply Chain Resilience Using Intelligent Order Management

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations implemented supply chain strategies that prioritized cost reduction, just-in-time delivery, and minimized global product inventory buffers. The pandemic exposed the vulnerabilities of those strategies, forcing them to increase local inventory levels and diversify their suppliers.

The quality of customer experience depends on organizations’ digital supply chain’s effectiveness in orchestrating supplier and fulfillment partnerships to meet anticipated customer demand. A dynamic and integrated supply chain network approach provides real-time insights across the entire supply network. It gives supply chain stakeholders the flexibility to address unforeseen disruptions and environmental challenges that impact product supply and demand.

On-time and in-full delivery consistently require clear visibility through the supplier network and real-time insight into potential problems. A digital supply chain control tower built as a composable cloud solution enables organizations to achieve end-to-end supply chain visibility, and the foundation of this composability starts with intelligent order management and inventory visibility.

Join us for this webinar, where we will show you how:

  • Using intelligent order management can bridge the front office and back office to manage fulfillment more efficiently.
  • Control towers enable collaboration and multi-tier networks to sense and predict anomalies and trends in the supply chain.
  • An ecosystem of supply chain partners can support sales and operations planning, supply chain visibility, orchestration and sourcing, and last-mile delivery.
  • Organizations can make the most of their digital transformation journey by equipping people with the right cloud tools to collaborate, innovate, and achieve better outcomes.


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