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Watch this webinar to learn how Azure Migrate streamlines migration and modernization with a unified platform to assess and estimate costs on Azure.
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Webinar: Simplify Migration and Modernization with Azure Migrate

Learn how Azure Migrate streamlines cloud migration and modernization with a platform that helps you plan and manage your migration with end-to-end visibility. With just a few clicks, you can assess and discover your current resources, then start migrating and modernizing on Azure with a guided experience.  

Watch this webinar to get a demo of Azure Migrate to see how assessment and planning tools can help you:  

  • Get utilization-based insights to identify and prioritize servers and workloads that are ideal for cloud migration and modernization, including right-sized recommendations on Azure. 
  • Find quick wins for any workload and database migration including VMware, Linux, Windows Server, SQL Server, and more. 
  • Estimate how much you can save with Azure migration versus on-premises, including budget projections, total cost of ownership (TCO), and return on investment (ROI) views. 


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