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Security controls for remote work

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In trying to enable the modern working from home scenario, the challenge for organisations arises in working with or around their legacy network architecture. As more customers and users move to the cloud, the network’s ability to scale becomes limited. Microsoft’s Chief Security Advisor, Sean Sweeney, and Senior Program Manager, Paul Collinge, address the architecture’s design problems and focus on three steps for adapting an organisation’s network for heavy remote usage during these unprecedented times while leveraging the capabilities already present in Microsoft 365. 

  1. Identify paths to optimise for Office 365
  2. Implement a VPN split tunnel
  3. Take a different approach to security controls

With taking these steps to adapt to a changing security environement, organisations can take advantage of control benefits such as preventing unauthorised access, controlling authorised user access, data loss prevention and IDS/IPS, DDoS protection. Your organisation can effectively elevate security and performance while also protecting your employees at home.

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