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Everyone’s a Target

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Everyone’s a Target

Navigating the dimensions of cloud security and following best practices in an ever-changing regulatory landscape is a tough job—and the stakes are high. Data breaches, egregious misuses of customer information, and hacking scandals can wreak havoc internally and externally. Plus, the more complex your infrastructure is, the harder it is to protect your sensitive data and stay compliant as regulations evolve.

Help is here. In this white paper, Everyone’s a Target, you’ll learn seven key principles and practices for developing and implementing a comprehensive and sustainable security and privacy strategy.

Topics include:

  • The differences and similarities between security and privacy.
  • Why security and privacy start at the platform level.
  • Applying your security program evenly across your portfolio.
  • Implementing security and privacy controls close to your data storage.
  • Data resiliency and availability in the event of an adverse incident.

Learn the fundamentals that will help you refine your policies and processes to better prepare for the most demanding privacy and security initiatives today, tomorrow, and beyond.

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