How to run great meetings
Whether you’re running a meeting or just participating, Microsoft Teams can make the whole process more collaborative and productive. Learn more.

Learn 10 tips on making remote meetings more productive with Microsoft Teams.

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Whether you’re new to remote meetings or want to improve the ones you already have, this free e-book can help. It provides 10 simple things anyone can do to increase efficiency, collaborate effectively, and help everyone stay engaged, as well as a checklist you can use for every meeting.

You’ll learn best practices for:

  • How to create and share a meeting agenda in Teams.
  • Improving collaboration by inviting internal and external coworkers.
  • Inviting internal and external coworkers.
  • Using meeting notes and recordings to ensure everyone stays up to speed.
  • Starting and running meetings in ways that help everyone contribute their best work.
  • Collaborating by sharing and co-editing files and documents.

Each tip includes information about how you can accomplish it using Microsoft Teams, the hub for teamwork inside of Office 365.
Get the free e-book