Reimagining the anywhere workplace


Reimagining the anywhere workplace

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In one nationwide study, 65 percent of workers said that remote work would give their productivity a boost. And a recent Stanford study showed employees who worked away from the office a few times per week had a 13 percent performance increase over those who worked in the office every day. In this episode of Modern Workplace, with the co-founder of WERK, a company that uses the power of data to help other companies understand their current flexibility gaps and create tailored plans to implement a flexible culture to improve employee experience, productivity, and retention.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Why workplace flexibility is becoming the new standard and necessary to attract and retain top talent
  • The data that debunks myths about remote work and how it actually provides your business with a competitive advantage
  • Six examples of workplace flexibility programs your business can implement from WERK co-CEO Annie Dean

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