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Microsoft's Let’s Talk Sustainability video series explores the changing ESG regulatory landscape and discusses data and regulatory readiness.
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Let’s Talk Sustainability Video Series: ESG data and regulatory readiness

New and emerging environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) reporting regulations will require many organizations around the world to provide increased transparency into their sustainability progress. For many companies, this means collecting more sustainability data than they’ve collected before.

In this Let’s Talk Sustainability video series, we discuss the changing ESG regulatory landscape and how a strong data foundation will help you prepare to report. We also cover:

  • Examples of regulations affecting Microsoft and its customers.
  • The role of an agile data foundation for regulatory readiness and why it’s important to standardize data for reporting.
  • The importance of deeper assessment on your reporting readiness—from an auditor’s perspective.
  • How ESG reporting can help build a resilient business.

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