Learn the benefit of a consolidated security stack

Security teams face a heavy burden to keep pace with ever-changing threats. A consolidated security solution can reduce complexity – and stress.

How a consolidated security stack can reduce your risks and costs

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Technology stacks for security have evolved into a jumbled mix of point solutions as security teams address multiple threat types coming through a variety of endpoints, apps, services and networks.

There’s a better way to streamline and strengthen your security environment. Now is the time to consider a more integrated approach that provides comprehensive protection and enhanced capabilities for today’s workers, with tools that take advantage of intelligence and automation capabilities to simplify management and reduce risk.

In this guide, you’ll learn about three primary benefits of a unified security solution:

  • Consolidated security provides a more cost-effective solution
  • Unified end-user experiences improve security without impacting productivity
  • Integrated, best-in-class protection reduces cyber-risk


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