B2B Relationship Series | Microsoft Dynamics 365

Watch this three-part series to help you navigate the current business landscape and continue to build strong customer relationships for long-term success.

How to Foster Customer Relationships at a Critical Time 

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It’s now more important than ever for you to prevent any potential disruption for your customers, maintain the quality of your products or services, and continue building strong customer relationships.  

Watch this webinar series to help your organization respond to changes in real time and achieve long-term success. All three episodes are available on demand now.   

Episode 1: Understand and Engage Customers in Uncertain Times     

  • Gain a 360-degree view to better serve your customers.   
  • Send timely communications based on what’s important to customers. 
  • Help customers and teams with digital tools for easy collaboration and event planning. 

Episode 2: Lead Your Sales Team Through a Crisis Today and in the Future  

  • Learn how to lead your sales team through the four phases of a crisis.  
  • Empower sellers with actionable insights on pipeline, sales forecasts, and predictive lead scoring. 
  • Transform training, operations, and remote collaboration.    

Episode 3: Adapt to Customer Needs to Earn Loyalty and Trust  

  • Scale your support function to meet a surge in demand using virtual agents.   
  • Deliver personalized support remotely and identify risks.   
  • Improve customer loyalty with personalized communications. 


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