Connected Sales and Marketing Experience Webinar | Microsoft Dynamics 365
Watch this webinar on how to break down sales and marketing barriers to build a personalized, seamless selling experience with Dynamics 365.
How to Build a Connected Sales and Marketing Experience, Sales and marketing, Seller productivity, Customer journey, Sales automation
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How to Build a Connected Sales and Marketing Experience

By connecting sales and marketing, revenue leaders can gain full-funnel vision of their customers, drive more demand, and close deals faster.

As buyer expectations evolve, Dynamics 365 equips revenue teams with a unified technology stack to increase sales and customer engagement with data, and collaboration and productivity tools. In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Get a holistic view of your customer and discover what they need with insights
  • Engage anywhere in the customer journey and use AI to supercharge your pipeline
  • Streamline sales cycles by empowering your team with AI-driven automation
  • Build deeper customer relationships and enrich team knowledge with intelligent insights
  • Empower teams to get more done with built-in tools that improve productivity


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