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Take away manufacturing leaders’ key insights for digital supply chain transformation in this commissioned paper conducted by Forrester Consulting.
Building A More Resilient Future For Manufacturers Through Digital Transformation, supply chain disruptions, digital supply chain transformation, operational resiliency
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Building a More Resilient Future for Manufacturers through Digital Transformation

Supply chain disruptions prompted by the pandemic took manufacturers by surprise, testing their operational resiliency. Manufacturers worldwide have responded by embracing digital transformation as a way to better cope with current challenges and anticipate future crises.

Read this commissioned thought leadership paper conducted by Forrester Consulting to learn manufacturing leaders’ goals for digital supply chain transformation in 2022.

Discover the key improvements that leaders plan to make to mitigate current and future problems, including:

  • Optimizing and streamlining operations by quickly connecting data and technologies to drive decisions.
  • Enhancing visibility across the customer journey to mitigate disruptions.
  • Creating more resilient, sustainable supply networks to improve current operations and responses to future crises.

Read the Forrester Consulting thought leadership paper

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