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Watch this on-demand webinar and deep dive into how Viva Learning can simplify the learning experience for your entire organization.
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Webinar: Facilitating a learning culture with Viva Learning

Create a culture of learning by enabling employees to learn targeted skills in the flow of work. From seamlessly onboarding new hires to providing continuing education for veteran employees and training key players for upcoming projects, Viva Learning allows organizations to make learning a natural part of the work day all in one place.

Collaborative and interactive, Viva Learning brings together world class content from platforms like LinkedIn Learning, Microsoft Learn, third parties, and your own organization’s content.

Key learning insights from the webinar include:

  • Specific use cases for your organization
  • Value drivers of integrating learning tools in Teams
  • Curating hyper-focused content for your team, groups, or projects
  • Facilitating a learning culture


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