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Learn about new technologies helping businesses build agile and resilient supply chains in the Forrester report, Executive Guide 2022: Supply Chain.
Executive Guide 2022—Supply Chain, supply chain challenges, supply chain solutions, Forrester report
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Executive Guide 2022: Supply Chain, a Forrester report

Discover the emerging technologies helping executives manage supply chain challenges and build resilience. In the Executive Guide 2022: Supply Chain—The supply chain gets smart, learn how intelligent supply chain solutions give businesses the tools they need to get ahead of disruptions.

Read about key insights and findings, including:

  • Supply challenges businesses face in 2022, like navigating disruptions, managing entire order lifecycles, and quickly scaling for new demand.
  • How technology solutions such as AI, machine learning, automation, and IoT improve supply chain agility and decision-making.
  • How developments in collaboration, visibility of current supply and demand, and supply chain digital twins help businesses anticipate and respond to changes faster.


Read the Forrester report

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