Webinar: Exceeding Customer Expectations
Exceeding Customer Expectations Through Transformation Webinar: Microsoft Support’s journey to AI-powered Customer Service  Watch this webinar to learn how Microsoft transformed its service experience and envision how AI can help your service teams succeed.
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Webinar: Exceeding Customer Expectations Through Transformation

Customer service plays a direct role in driving revenue, market share, and loyalty—but when service falls short, businesses can quickly lose their edge. At the same time, customer expectations are only becoming more demanding as they expect fast, personalized service at every touch point across all digital channels and devices.  

In this high-stakes environment, customer service leaders need strategic planning to modernize operations with AI that can empower their service teams to rise to the challenge of today’s complex digital landscape. This was no easy feat for Microsoft as one of the largest support teams in the world. With 10s of thousands of agents serving over 1 billion customers in 120 countries, Microsoft embarked on a digital transformation journey while staying committed to meet the expectations and needs of a deeply diverse and complex range of challenges for consumer and commercial businesses. 

Watch this webinar to learn: 

  • The challenges that Microsoft faced, including maintaining seamless customer experiences across a global organization. 
  • How Microsoft transformed its service experience despite the scale and complexity.  
  • The role of AI and automation in enhancing service experiences for customers and agents. 
  • The importance to digitally transform service operations to stay competitive in your respective industries and envision what kind of business impact AI can bring to your teams. 


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