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Learn how sharing company OKRs boosts employee engagement and drives powerful business outcomes in this e-book from Microsoft experts.
Engage Your Employees to Achieve Powerful Business Outcomes, objectives and key results, company OKRs, employee engagement
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Achieve powerful business outcomes by engaging your employees with OKRs

Successful businesses use goals and OKRs—or objectives and key results—to measure progress and achievement. But, too often, these key indicators aren't widely shared with employees who are looking for more purpose and direction.

Read Engage Your Employees to Achieve Powerful Business Outcomes to learn how OKRs:

  • Communicate the immediate goals and broader mission of your organization.
  • Create alignment between employees and business goals.
  • Encourage a growth mindset, both for the individual and the company.
  • Prioritize work so employees have a clear, focused roadmap to achieve goals.
  • Establish a purpose-driven culture that yields results.

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