Enable secure, remote access for your workforce


Enable secure, remote access for your workforce with Microsoft Azure AD

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Now more than ever, remote work is becoming a common feature of modern workplaces. It is imperative to ensure your workforce is as efficient from home as they are from the office while maintaining the right balance of productivity and security. In this webinar, hosted by Microsoft Senior Program Manager David Gregory, learn about Azure Active Directory, Microsoft’s cloud-based identity and access management solution. This information session on Azure AD provides:

  • Best practices and deployment guidance for managing your users and devices from the cloud.
  • Ways to connect your workforce to all their relevant resources including SaaS and on-premises apps.
  • Methods to secure access with low end-user friction, while extending the same benefits to your critical external partners and contractors. 

During these changing times, your organisation can take advantage of the benefits that Azure AD has to offer to elevate your security performance while also securing your remote employees.


Watch the webinar