Supply Chain Management | Microsoft Dynamics 365

Join this webinar to learn how creating a digital supply chain twin can improve end-to-end visibility and collaboration across your supply chain.

Create Agile and Digital Supply Chains with
Dynamics 365

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If you need to improve visibility across the value stream to enhance your ability to analyze critical information and to collaborate in real time across your multi-enterprise network, launching a digital twin of your supply chain may be in your future. Digital supply chain twins, meant to help companies address challenges by simulating all the assets found in a complex supply chain, are made possible by a vertically calibrated Intelligent Data Platform (IDP). The ability to connect with other systems of engagement and systems of record, visualize constraints across the value stream, and analyze impact whether upstream or downstream are among the many benefits of deploying Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management.   
Join us for this webinar to learn how to:

  • Improve end-to-end visibility and collaboration across your supply chain   
  • Gain planning agility by conducting supply planning in near real-time   
  • Predict disruptions, automate responses, and optimize supply chains

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