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Read about the use cases, business models, and data solutions that help city governments get more economic, social, and business value from technology.

Building a Hyperconnected City

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Learn how successful cities are adopting smart, hyperconnected technologies and already seeing improvements in public health, productivity, and living conditions—as well as reductions in crime, congestion, and pollution. 

Read about the business models, digital applications, and data solutions that cities are using to get more economic, social, and business value from smart city technology. 

Explore Building a Hyperconnected City, an evidence-based roadmap to: 

  • Transform key areas of your urban ecosystem and connect roads to cars, buildings to energy grids, citizens to government, and cities to cities—to fuel economic, business, and social growth. 
  • Understand new government IT trends that will be the hallmark of successful cities by 2021. Learn about advances in cloud and mobile apps, AI-generated data, platforms and management systems, IoT and real-time data sensors, biometric recognition, and geospatial technology. 
  • Analyze the investments, strategies, and technologies that drive the highest return on investment (ROI) and identify common hurdles that can get in the way. 
  • See real-world examples of cities already on the hyperconnected path and compare urban outcomes and market opportunities. Get practices, plans, and benchmarking data from 100 cities.
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