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Watch this webinar to learn how to empower everyone to build powerful front-end experiences supported with automated workflows.
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Automation Through Conversation with Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents

The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation, requiring organizations to react to change faster and increase operational efficiency with low-code/no-code automation. Organizations across all industries need to automate business processes to innovate, save costs, and continue to service their employees and customer’s needs.
In this webinar, we will share examples of how Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents together can help transform time-consuming and repetitive processes in your business. By empowering everyone to build intelligent chat bots, anyone in your organization can build powerful front-end experiences supported with automated workflows.

You will learn:

  • Why developing automation through conversational bots is the right path for your business processes
  • Common use cases for domain-specific bots with automation
  • Demos on how to seamlessly integrate Power Automate flows into Power Virtual Agents


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