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Modern Data Warehouse: Analytics in the Age of Cloud and Big Data

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Learn how six companies in diverse industries used cloud-based data services to gain competitive advantage in their approach to modern data warehousing. Explore the industry-specific use cases of your peers in the e-book, Modern Data Warehouse: Analytics in the Age of Cloud and Big Data.

See practical examples and solution architectures from companies in key industries: retail, financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, telecom, and government. Learn how they built one hub for all their data—structured, unstructured, or streaming—and saw the benefits of more accessible insights, increased productivity, and accelerated data integration with native data connectors.

Get the e-book with six use cases of companies who benefited from a modern data warehouse approach and:

  • Improved security and protected sensitive data with advanced security features and a hybrid approach to data warehousing.
  • Built and deployed machine learning models and distributed insights across their company with rich integration with leading business intelligence tools.
  • Accelerated time-to-market, increased productivity, and empowered data scientists, engineers, and business analysts across their organizations.
  • Reduced costs and complexity of managing existing data transformations with flexible, scalable cloud or hybrid-cloud solutions.
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