Customer Voice | Microsoft Dynamics 365

Learn from leaders at Microsoft and guest Forrester how to integrate a VoC program into your core business strategy for long-term customer engagement.

Drive Engagement and Success with VoC

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As customers have come to expect more direct engagement with a brand, organizations are investing in voice of the customer (VoC) programs for long-term engagement. This prize often comes at a hefty price—but it doesn’t have to be that way. Rather than investing in new technology, customer experience (CX) leaders can leverage existing tools to build a VoC program that achieves full data integration and a new level of customer insights.

Watch this webinar to learn from leaders at Microsoft and guest, Forrester about:

  • VoC program basics, such as four key activities, common business challenges, and the user experience.
  • Best practices for building a best-in-class VoC program, including pacing development in three stages.
  • Five takeaways from case studies of successful VoC programs.

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