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Teaching Happiness: Connection

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On-demand webinar: Teaching Happiness: Connection

Teaching Happiness is a webinar series featuring key influencers and experts from across the industry discussing the role of educators in preparing students for successful life after graduation, with the definition of success expanding beyond just good colleges and jobs to include truly happy and fulfilling lives.

Across happiness research we often find that deep relationships are essential to well-being. This episode explores how educators play an important role in supporting students to develop the skills needed to develop and maintain relationships. This discussion will feature former school Principal, and Global Education Leader at Microsoft, Mark Sparvell, along with Joanne McEachen, CEO/Founder of The Learner First and Global New Measures Director for NBDL.

Additionally, you’ll see how modern classroom solutions provide opportunities for social and emotional development.

Register for this webinar to explore how educators can play an important role in helping students learn the post skills of developing and maintaining relationships which is critical to well-being.


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