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Grow your technical skill set and get the documentation you need to get the most out of Microsoft SQL Server 2017 with a custom excerpt of the technical e-book, Inside Out: SQL Server 2017 Administration.

Download this custom excerpt and take advantage of the deep knowledge of recognized SQL Server experts William Assaf, Randolph West, Sven Aelterman, and Mindy Curnutt. Preview the table of contents with all the topics in the full e-book and get an exclusive code for 50% off the purchase price of the e-book with your download. Read the e-book chapters on:

  • Performance tuning: Get technical advice on optimizing SQL Server—with execution plan reviews and discussions of isolation and concurrency, as well as cautions for developers using WITH (NOLOCK) commands.
  • Securing your data: Learn about enhanced, built-in security and the basics of authentication as well as advanced security techniques for encryption, the Always Encrypted feature, and row-level security
  • Database server components: Understand database administration concepts—from hardware-level topics such as memory, processors, storage, and networking to the basics of high availability and hardware virtualization.
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