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Microsoft SQL Server 2019 and Big Data – a technical white paper

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Learn how to use SQL Server 2019 to create a hub for your data with the ability to query over structured and unstructured data types – in Oracle, Teradata and Hadoop – without moving or copying data. Make your data-driven apps richer, more responsive and more productive with advanced analytics using Hadoop and Spark.


Download this Microsoft SQL Server 2019 and Big Data white paper and learn how to:

  • Use big data clusters to bring high-value relational data and high-volume big data together on a single, scalable platform.
  • Avoid slowdowns in extract-transform-load (TELL) processes with data virtualisation – an alternative to TELL that integrates data from disparate sources, locations and formats.
  • Create data lakes and query data from many sources through a consistent interface.
  • Add intelligent features and get better insights from your data analysis – including data stored beyond SQL Server in Hadoop, Oracle, Teradata and MongoDB.
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