Resilience at Work webinar series

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Resilience at work webinar series

Resilience at Work webinar series

Organisations that can navigate and succeed in times of change have one thing in common: resilience. But what exactly is resilience and how can you strengthen it across your people, teams and organisation? 

In this three-part webinar series, you’ll hear stories and perspectives from Microsoft executives, Boston Consulting Group and other thought leaders. Learn how they define resilience and how it enables organisations to advance, even in the face of significant challenges and uncertainty. 
Join us as we share: 

  • Key insights on the six dimensions of resilience and how they promote endurance and growth. 
  • The latest data on the recovery in Asia, Europe and the United States by region and industry. 
  • How digital maturity lessens the impact of major disruptions, enabling a faster recovery. 
  • Ideas for investing in digital readiness across operations, people, technology and financials.  
  • Learnings from how Microsoft responded and continues to adapt to COVID-19.  
  • What’s next in the evolution of remote work.  

Note: This webinar series is in English with additional language options available in the video player.

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