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SQL Server on Linux –
A Re-platforming Guide

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Get the definitive guide on re-platforming for heterogeneous environments – combining operational databases, data warehouse and various data sources to drive insights. Familiarise yourself with cross-platform and migration tools along with use-case demos of the cutting-edge technologies and enterprise-grade features now available in open-source and mixed-shop (Linux + Windows) environments.

Get the eBook and see technical guidance on topics such as:

  • Performance improvement – optimise your data processing capabilities and get faster insights with features like Adaptive Query Processing, Automatic Plan Correction, columnstore indexes, in-memory technologies, high availability and graph data extensions.

  • Platform flexibility – browse use cases and explore the full range of choices for development languages, data types and operating systems.
  • Cost savings – reduce operational costs and realise an improved ROI by building or extending your data estate to the most efficient configuration.
  • Security enhancements – help protect your sensitive data with robust features such as Always Encrypted and Transparent Data Encryption – encrypting your data at rest and in motion.
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