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Join this webinar to learn a modern approach that organizations can take to utilize a supply chain control tower effectively and create an agile digital supply chain.
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A Composable Approach to Rapidly Deploy a Supply Chain Control Tower

In the face of the growing supply chain complexity and unpredictable supply that organizations are experiencing, businesses can adopt a new way to enhance end- to- end visibility of their supply chains, improve flexibility to meet changing business needs and create resiliency. This new approach significantly improves and automates decision making. This solution can be bespoke to each organization, irrespective of the maturity of their supply chain solutions. The composite architecture enables accelerated time-to-value through better interoperability and data harmonization between various systems of engagement and systems of record, which will translate into greater agility, increased customer satisfaction and bigger market share.

Join us for this webinar, where we will show a modern approach that organizations can take to utilize a supply chain control tower effectively and create an agile digital supply chain. Businesses can start with their existing supply chain application foundation and strengthen it by adopting composable characteristics which leads to modernizing the existing platform.

You will learn how to:

  • Build a cloud-based supply chain control tower by adopting composable characteristics
  • Improve and automate decision making with enhanced order and supply chain visibility by leveraging AI
  • Unify the data from disparate supply chain systems used across different regions, business units and departments
  • Enrich data with external risk signals to predict disruptions and generate actionable insights
  • Leverage AI, real time inventory and sophisticated order orchestration to mitigate disruptions proactively and automatically


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