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Learn what mixed reality is, how it empowers first-line workers, and discover how companies are already using it in this eBook from Microsoft.

Mixed Reality: Why nine out of ten businesses plan to use it

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Even though first-line employees make up the majority of the global workforce and are often first to engage with customers, they’ve long been underserved by technological advancements. In this new age of digital transformation, you can now empower front-line employees and transform how they work by using the unique technological capabilities of mixed reality.

No longer a technology of the future, Harvard Business Review Analytic Services reports that nine out of ten enterprise companies are already exploring, deploying or using mixed reality to integrate digital information into the physical environments where employees work.

Download this eBook to:
  • Learn what mixed reality is and how it’s closing the gap between virtual and physical worlds.
  • Understand the most effective scenarios for applying mixed reality to your business.
  • Get real-world examples of how mixed reality is changing the way people train, plan and collaborate.
  • Discover how mixed reality tools like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Layout and Dynamics 365 Remote Assist can help your company digitally transform.