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Improve Business Performance Through Developer Velocity

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On-demand webinar: Improve Business Performance Through Developer Velocity

We’re living in unprecedented times, where organizations in every industry and sector are rethinking how business is done. Watch this webinar series to learn how to meet your customers’ changing needs by empowering developers with the right toolkit. Five short episodes will delve into a research report by McKinsey & Company focused on improving business performance through Developer Velocity.

Episode One: Developer Velocity Overview
Learn about the key drivers of Developer Velocity: development tools, product management, culture, and talent management.

Episodes Two, Three, and Four: Developer Velocity in Retail, Manufacturing, and Financial Services
Explore top digital trends, use cases, and impact of Developer Velocity on business performance in each industry.

Episode Five: Realize Developer Velocity with Microsoft Tools
Assess the Microsoft resources that can help your team execute next steps, including Visual Studio, GitHub, Azure, and Power Apps.

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