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Getting the most from Microsoft Teams, in a world of hybrid work, to enhance remote collaboration, and increase productivity across your organization.
Getting the most from Microsoft Teams, hybrid work, remote video, improved collaboration
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Learn how to get the most from Microsoft Teams

High-performing teams thrive when connecting is natural and easy, even if they're apart. As a part of Microsoft Teams, Teams Rooms and Teams Phone simplify management for IT and expand the possibilities for your organization to stay connected.

In this e-book, Getting The Most from Microsoft Teams, you’ll learn how the capabilities of Teams Rooms and Teams Phone help you:

  • Improve equity and inclusion with tools that encourage contributions from everywhere.
  • Increase collaboration and productivity by consolidating digital tools into a single platform.
  • Enhance data security and compliance.
  • Reduce or eliminate costs associated with communications equipment.

Successful organizations are embracing the new reality of hybrid work. Whether workers are remote, on-site, or traveling between destinations, Microsoft Teams empowers people to make meaningful contributions by removing barriers between spaces, places, and people.

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