4 ways to find and keep your A-team

4 ways to find and keep your A-team

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4 ways to find and keep your A-team

Unemployment is at a record low and competition to hire and retain top talent is fierce. Meanwhile, the rising generation of workers has a completely new approach to work. The way your organization meets this new reality could impact your ability to compete for the best talent. In this e-book, we share surprising facts and statistics illustrating how the millennial workforce views flexibility and work-life balance, workplace diversity, and technology—and offer ways your business can keep up with the changing landscape.

We’ll explore how technology impacts talent retention, including:
  • How greater mobility is creating a need for a new model of collaboration and remote productivity
  • How you can create a culture of innovation and greater profitability by inviting diversity into your roster
  • How workplace technology can keep up with the needs of an ever-more-connected generation

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