4 technologies that drive digital transformation

4 technology trends to drive digital transformation

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4 technology trends to drive digital transformation

The future of successful companies hinges on the adoption of technology solutions that help employees collaborate and work productively, while simultaneously enabling the development of competitive solutions that set them apart from their competition. At Microsoft, we call this concept "tech intensity"—and it's that concept that will dominate boardrooms and tech budgets in 2019.

Four transformative technologies—artificial intelligence, big data, the cloud, and devices—are critical elements of tech intensity. In this e-book, you'll see the potential of these key technologies to transform your business and gain access to additional information and resources to help drive your digital transformation. Plus, with real-life examples and results, learn how customers used the ABCD approach to:
  • Save $250,000 USD in security spending annually
  • Reduce business operating costs by 30 percent
  • Cut turnaround time to seconds rather than days
Download the full e-book to learn more about the ABCD approach and how it can help your business succeed in 2019 and beyond.

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