Become an AI Leader—Data-Rich Infographic
Track how industry leaders are using artificial intelligence to stay competitive; then use Forbes’ customizable data to build your own AI strategy.

Be an AI Leader—data-rich infographic helps chart your way forward

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Go beyond the hype to learn how human-centered artificial intelligence (AI) is delivering real business results in your industry. Forbes Insights worked with more than 300 executives globally, capturing an up-to-the-moment picture of business leaders’ AI strategies. Explore and filter the data—by industry, geography, revenue, company size, and other factors—to help develop your own case for AI, including:
  • Why being a data-driven, digital-first business is now crucial to stay competitive.
  • Where your peers, competitors, and other industry leaders are creating new value from human-centered AI.
  • How relevant data points can fuel your next steps in becoming an AI Leader.
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